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The Jonah Kest Interview

Jonah Kest is a yoga teacher and lifestyle ambassador. Today we’re joining him at his yoga studio, the Yoga Collective in Venice Beach, California.

Meet Jonah Kest.

We had the good fortune to meet Jonah by chance at the LA restaurant, Crossroads where through easy conversation we learned of his kind diet philosophy. It was only later that we found this warm and friendly young man to be such an accomplished yoga teacher and knew we had to interview him.

He was born into a yoga legacy with his father Jonny Kest, a vinyasa yoga pioneer and his mother Milla Kest, who together created one of the first yoga studios and yoga teacher training programs in the Midwest. Remarkably, at 17 Jonah trained under his father and became a teacher. Today, Jonah is a well traveled ashtanga/vinyasa teacher whose classes in California and around the country are both graceful and intense. His plant based diet and love for creating raw, rich, vegan meals has also become a passion and healing modality.

Check him out:


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