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Quit Smoking

Everything you need to quit smoking for good, easier than you ever imagined possible.

My Unique Approach

Full support with 1:1 coaching to quit the habit of smoking, vaping, chewing, or any form of nicotine or cannabis dependence in an

8-week program.

Strategies for Success - proven strategies to conquer blocks to a successful quit.


Mindset Mastery - mindset coaching to change your brain, we'll use mindset over medication to avoid dependence on pharmaceuticals.


Behavior Change Modification - action plans for all situations to ensure success.


Mastery of Craving and Withdrawal Symptoms - along with mindset you’ll learn how to use holistic health protocols to support an easier transition to optimal health.


Health Rebuilding Protocols - tools to elevate your health to the next level


Accountability and Support - support system with many resources.


  • Weekly 60-minute 1:1 virtual coaching sessions 

  • Information and practice skills

  • Specific behavioral and cognitive skills

  • Manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms

  • Mindset work for success

  • Detoxification & health rebuilding protocols

  • Relapse prevention

  • Support between sessions via Slack

Freebie to Help You Get Started

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Why People Love This Program

"I have now been nicotine free for over six months and I owe so much to you, Sue. You have really helped me make a tremendous change in my life. Thank you!"

- Edward 
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