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Optimize your child's learning through nutrition

Cultivate Your Child’s Genius

Diagnosis of a learning disorder can bring both relief and new anxieties. It’s helpful to finally have some acknowledgment, but now what?

Using evidence-based nutritional therapies, I will work with you to support your child's brain health for better cognition, focus, and memory.


Exceptional students require exceptional nutrition that empowers kids to learn to their greatest potential.


A better school experience

A calmer, more organized child

Improved focus in your child

Reduced stress around homework

Better memory and recall

A more relaxed home and family

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  • Twice monthly, 30-minute 1:1 coaching

  • Dyslexia & ADHD-specific nutrition guidance

  • Nutrition information for the whole family

  • What to add in, take out, and upgrade 

  • Lifestyle guides for brain health

  • Meal plans, prep, and grocery guidance

  • Support between sessions via Slack

In my comprehensive 8-week  program we'll address lifestyle habits that you may not know are negatively affecting your child’s cognition, memory and focus.

You'll learn what areas of your lives could benefit from a 'detox'.

You'll learn about the gut-brain axis and how to optimize it for optimal learning.

You'll learn tools for managing stress for both your child and you and cultivate your child’s genius.

That is the focus of my

Brain Gains program. 

For your child. 

For you.

For your family.

The amazing thing is when nutrition is focused on brain health you get so many side benefits!

Moods are balanced, anxiety and depression decrease, immunity is strengthened, and overall wellness improves.

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