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Have you found yourself here...

  • You're racking up health issues.

  • You feel awful and you don't know why.

  • You've been spending hours searching for answers.

  • You feel overwhelmed navigating what is going on.

  • You've been to doctors & specialists without relief.

  • You're afraid you'll never feel like yourself again.

  • You're wondering if it's related to your breast implants.

I've been there, too. I understand how  exhausting and frightening living this way can be.

Are you ready to....

  • Get clarity on your health issues

  • Manage your Breast Implant Illness symptoms

  • Navigate your explant journey with ease

  • Take your power back and start healing

  • Detoxify from your breast implants and feel great

  • Step into your best health

Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness 

Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness Coaching Program

• Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions

• Help navigating the explant

• Pre and Post-op nutrient-dense meal plans

• Pre-surgical home prep guide

 Guided meditations and breath work

• Pre/Post surgical healing recommendations

• Post-surgical detoxification guidance

• Email support between sessions

• My personal commitment to your success

Whether you are beginning your explant journey, are already post-op, or anywhere in between, you're not alone and I've got you covered, every step of the way. 

Listen as I talk about Breast Implant Illness and healing after BII on A New Way of Living podcast


Let's talk to find out if coaching is what you need.

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