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Change happens faster with a coach by your side

Nutrition Coaching

We have more power over our health than we know. Don’t settle for meh.

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Healthy Woman

My twelve week nutrition coaching programs center around culinary nutrition. We are what we eat and that means we'll always come back to using food as medicine, which starts in the kitchen! 

You'll gain practical and actionable tools for improving your health through lifestyle habits, supplements, detoxification, stress reduction, along with a deep exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods you eat.

Coaching removes the overwhelm and hours of research trying to reach your goals or alleviate your symptoms on your own.

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Everything in the Signature program, plus:

Tailored meal plans with shopping guides

Guidance through a detox / cleanse

Support between sessions via Slack

*The Premium program is not exclusively for, but especially indicated for anyone with a diagnosis who wants to approach healing using a  therapeutic

diet and lifestyle foundations.

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Twice a month 1:1 coaching sessions

Tailored nutrition information

Detoxification guides

Mindset tools for success

Lifestyle behavior change tools

Access to monthly 'Ask Sue' sessions

Accountability check ins

Freebie to Help You Get Started

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What people are saying...

"Sue is an amazing coach.  She is intuitive about what needs to be done, is a good listener, very professional, and committed to making sure her client’s needs are met.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a highly skilled professional."

- Walter W.

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