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Ready to embark on a transformative health journey?


You have the power to feel better than you ever have. Don’t settle for meh.

Do you know what to do, you're just not motivated to do it?

Health coaching centers around you! You know what you need to do to improve your health. We all do; because we live in an information age.

But that doesn't mean it's easy to make changes, to follow through on your well-intentioned plans. Motivation can be crazy hard. 

You don't have to do it alone.

You already do everything, let me help make it easy.

It's time to create the life you love!

Believe me, we'll make it easy, fast, and fun.

How it works

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Let's chat

Schedule your call with me, and then we make sure working together is your best next step.

It’s a friendly conversation and there are no strings attached.

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We'll dive in

We’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly to create a clear goals, then meet regularly to tackle everything that stands in your way.

Happy Woman

You'll feel better

You'll leave every session with something tangible to put into action in your day-to-day life. Before you know it, success will feel easy and fun.

Let's create the life you love. 

You'll feel amazing.


You deserve it.

What people are saying...

Walter W. 

"Sue is an amazing coach.  She is intuitive about what needs to be done, is a good listener, very professional, and committed to making sure her client’s needs are met.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a highly skilled professional."   

Tamara T.

"Sue is phenomenal!!! her expertise to capture what I need to stay healthy and in tune with my own body is one of her many unique qualities. She stays engaged and listens to determine what works best for my health and wellness journey! She keeps me accountable to myself by establishing reasonable fitness goals, diet, and exercise. This was my key to my success. Sue can be my life coach forever!"

Samantha P.

Sue is so wonderful and supportive, she helped me find new ways to increase my overall health. I feel so much better - my mood, my energy, my eating, my working out! I just feel all around better!"    

Olga B.

"Sue is amazing! I have been guided by her on my wellness journey. She is both compassionate and well in tune to what your needs are. She is a good listener and someone so reliable when looking for wellness advice. I highly recommend having a session with her. She truly wants you to thrive!  💛✨"                                 

Katie V.

"I've used Sue's coaching services for years. Sue knows nutrition well and combines that knowledge with varied tools to help her clients find/stay on a healthy path.  Sue has seen me in the best shape of my life and at my worst struggling with severe health issues.  Her input and transformative coaching helped me find a healthier path and showed me that lifestyle choices contribute to feeling great every day.  Sue is a tremendous advocate for great health and feeling good!  I highly recommend Sue—she just has an amazing skill set!"

Kate W.

"Sue has helped me to find my inner motivation to follow through on my goals! I never felt overwhelmed, I always felt like I had a plan and that I was in control of the outcome.  I feel so much better, I've reached my goals and now I'm reaching even higher!"    
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