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Staying Strong In Flu Season

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The mainstream medical world would have you believe that your best fight against getting the flu is a flu shot. But a new report reveals that flu shots are not as effective as we have been led to believe. An article posted by CIDRAP [Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy] highlights findings from a report using data from medical providers throughout Canada, that indicate the flu vaccine is 10% effective (in working adults age 20-65) against the 2017 viral flu strain known as H3N2 -- the main culprit of flu season in the US this winter.  Additionally, it can be dangerous to receive the flu shot, as you can see by viewing the US vaccine injury website, which shows 2400 cases of vaccine injury from the influenza vaccine, commonly given as the flu shot. And then, there is the recent trend of horrifying reported side effects from the flu treatment, Tamiflu.

The best fight against any cold or flu is washing your hands. There is no need for toxic antibacterial soaps or triclosan containing wipes, just natural soap and water does the trick.

Our bodies run on water, sunshine, rest, and oxygen; along with vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. So, when we want our bodies to run optimally and fight off bacteria, viruses or bugs -- we need to feed it all that it needs to thrive.


1. Sunshine. If you live in a sunny place, get in the sun - without sunscreen, for 15 minutes a day.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest or below the Mason Dixon line, supplementing with Vitamin D bolsters your protection from colds, flu, pneumonia and bronchitis.

2.  Water. Hopefully, this is already part of your day. The recommended dose of water is half your body weight in ounces -

of purified water. Nature’s solution to pollution is dilution, so drinking enough water will keeps the flu bug and other unwanted critters from setting-up camp.

3. Oxygen. How many hours do you spend outside? Getting fresh, clean air and; even better, exercising outside will help your body’s natural cleansing and further support your well-being.

4.  Rest.  Sleep. Relax. Chill. You get the point. We need to move our bodies and exercise, but we also need a balance. Adequate sleep rejuvenates our bodies. Sleep is a time our body repairs and recuperates. Quality sleep is imperative for a fully functioning immune system.  Try going to bed without electronics to wind down at a healthy hour.

5.  Nutrition. Our bodies run on nutrients. We are what we eat, so flu season is a time for nutrient-dense meals. Leafy greens, hemp seeds, tempeh and quinoa are some examples of nutrient-rich plant foods that support your body’s ability to get and stay healthy.


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