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A Holistic Guide to

Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness 

Beach Yoga

Have you found yourself here...

  • You're collecting health issues.

  • You feel awful and you don't know why.

  • You've spent hours searching for answers.

  • You feel overwhelmed navigating what is going on.

  • You've been to doctors & specialists without relief.

  • You're afraid you'll never feel like yourself again.

  • You're wondering if it's related to your breast implants.

breast implant illness

I've been there, too.
I understand the exhaustion and fear in living this way.

I'm holistic Nutritionist Sue Williams, and I also experienced breast implant illness. I explanted, detoxed, healed and in this ebook I'm sharing the tools I used to heal completely from Breast Implant Illness and live a healthy life. I want that for you too. 

A Holistic Guide to Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness eBook offers guidance and support for the following:​

  • Understanding Breast Implant Illness

  • Navigating the explant journey

  • Foods to support, heal and help detoxify

  • Supplement guidance for pre and post-op

  • Detoxification post-op guidance

  • Quick Guides for sleep, mood, and more

  • Meal plans for pre and post-op

  • Resources for pre and post-op

  • Next-Level Healing Resources

Happy Woman

With this eBook, get ready to....

  • Get clarity on your health issues

  • Manage your Breast Implant Illness symptoms

  • Navigate your explant journey with confidence and ease

  • Reclaim your power and initiate the healing process

  • Detoxify from your breast implants and feel amazing!

  • Embrace a life of optimal health and wellbeing

Check out my podcast on Breast Implant Illness with Dan Voss of A New Way of Living Podcast

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