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A Holistic Guide to

Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness 

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Have you found yourself here...

  • You're collecting health issues.

  • You feel awful and you don't know why.

  • You've spent hours searching for answers.

  • You feel overwhelmed navigating what is going on.

  • You've been to doctors & specialists without relief.

  • You're afraid you'll never feel like yourself again.

  • You're wondering if it's related to your breast implants.

breast implant illness

I've been there, too.
I understand the exhaustion and fear in living this way.

I'm holistic Nutritionist Sue Williams, and I also experienced breast implant illness. I explanted, detoxed, healed and in this ebook I'm sharing the tools I used to heal completely from Breast Implant Illness and live a healthy life. I want that for you too. 
Watch this FREE Masterclass to learn more about BII and to receive an introduction to the Holistic Guide to Heal & Thrive ebook!

A Holistic Guide to Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness eBook offers guidance and support for the following:​

  • Understanding Breast Implant Illness

  • Navigating the explant journey

  • Foods to support, heal and help detoxify

  • Supplement guidance for pre and post-op

  • Detoxification post-op guidance

  • Quick Guides for sleep, mood, and more

  • Meal plans for pre and post-op

  • Resources for pre and post-op

  • Next-Level Healing Resources

Happy Woman

With this eBook, get ready to....

  • Get clarity on your health issues

  • Manage your Breast Implant Illness symptoms

  • Navigate your explant journey with confidence and ease

  • Reclaim your power and initiate the healing process

  • Detoxify from your breast implants and feel amazing!

  • Embrace a life of optimal health and wellbeing

A Holistic Guide to Heal
& Thrive after Breast
Implant Illness


A Holistic Guide to Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness is a comprehensive and empowering eBook designed to support women on their journey to well-being after breast implant-related health challenges.


This guide offers valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate the explant process with confidence. From understanding the implications of breast implant illness to making informed decisions about removal, detoxification, pre and post-surgery nutrition, this eBook covers all aspects of healing.

Includes dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, mindfulness practices, and emotional support techniques to optimize your recovery journey.

Whether you are contemplating breast implant removal, have recently undergone explant surgery, or are looking to regain your health, A Holistic Guide to Heal & Thrive after Breast Implant Illness is your guide towards renewed health and vitality.

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Check out my podcast on Breast Implant Illness with Dan Voss of A New Way of Living Podcast

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