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Things We're Loving | May

Every once in a while we find a health product that becomes an instant classic around the office. That’s exactly why we created this section: sharing these special life-enhancers with others is how we spread good health vibes.

Here are this month’s

Things We’re Loving


Low glycemic, flavorful, full of minerals and antioxidants, Just Date Syrup is made from organic California medjool dates and we don’t know how they do it, but it’s a perfectly smooth, concentrated liquid. It can be used in place of refined sugars, honey, or agave, and even used in baking. With just a drop of it, you’ll fall in love. We attended the Natural Products Expo West in March and this date syrup was the best thing we tasted all weekend. It just got easier than ever to get refined sugars out of your diet.

Living Libations is the quintessential natural skincare line. So pure; the purest. The essential oils like rose and tansy in this eye serum smell so soothing you’ll look relaxed and refreshed before you’re even finished rolling this on. It comes in a roller, which is genius in an eye serum. It soothes your eyes and it’s soothing to your soul, too.

We love the Herbivore clothing line! Based in Portland, Oregon, The Herbivore Clothing Company is promoting compassion in beautiful, soft, cruelty-free clothing. If you have the opportunity to visit their store you’ll also get to visit the whole vegan mini-mall that has a vegan bakery, market, and tattoo shop. It’s a one stop vegan mecca!

Made with only dehydrated vegetables, fruits and flax seeds, Wrawps are the perfect alternative to bread or tortilla. A great blend of protein, fat, and fiber, they add much more nutritional punch to your sandwich than bread. Try them the way we like them - with lettuce, avocado, sauerkraut, and tempeh, mmm-mm.

After having a great Wrawp sandwich you’ll want to brush your teeth with flouride-free toothpaste, right? The herb Ratanhia in this is used traditionally in Peru to clean teeth and the red root helps clean sensitive gums. Add the gentle flavors of spearmint and peppermint and the whole package makes it an easy toothpaste to fall in love with.


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